Friday, July 18, 2008

Thoughts on Tradition in South Africa

Its has been a few weeks since my last personal Post, studies and home life are far more demanding. It has been quite some time now in thinking about the revival or reestablishment rather of tradition here in South Africa. In saying this, I obviously take into account that Tradition has indeed been surviving here in South Africa for quite some time, fostered and defended by the Society of St. Pius X.

It is sad yet a expected result to see the hostility that Catholics show to their own kind and the "brotherly love" that they show to open heretics and formal schismatics! There is but one True Faith, one Name by which we must all be saved - Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.

I must say that in my journey toward finding True faith, I thank God in his wonderful providence that he provided someone like the late Archbishop Marcel Lefevre to spearhead a movement which would lead toward the ultimate regeneration of the True faith, despite the many attacks laid against him.

I do not profess to be a scholar on the subject of tradition, yet I cannot deny that throughout my entire Novous Ordo - Post Conciliar Life, I felt a huge void in my spiritual life. Its seems understandable to me to see why so many young people leave the faith or become indifferent to it. There is nothing solid about the last 40 years of post conciliar reform, The Church of God finds herself in a crisis of faith, consequential to this and as a obvious result one finds the basic structure of the society we live in devastatingly changed.

The poison that has filtered its way into everyday life is claiming its casualties and the results of this battle are as clear as daylight. God himself, his true and eternal presence - body blood soul and divinity- is relegated to some obscure corner even within his own church! This current order of things cannot be accepted, we as the faithful must fight to keep the faith, we cannot allow for this devastation to perpetuate itself.

The situation here in South Africa is nothing different to anywhere else in the modern world that we see pervades to a large extent, the crisis itself becomes apparent considering things such as "catholic" schooling, the immense abuses which abound liturgically etc, empty churches, deserted religious houses and seminaries.

When we take a look at the traditionalist movement as a whole, we a presented with a vastly different picture thriving and fruitful Catholic schooling, a faithful adherence to the liturgical traditions of the church, churches filled to capacity not forgetting the religious houses and seminaries which are filled to capacity!

This is a simple observation, and yet one begins to draw a certain conclusion. The life and survival of the Church of Christ lies within the unbroken tradition of the Faith, handed down from generation to generation and still holds the same effect on an individual as it did with the first apostles.

We commit ourselves therefore, to bring about the Reign of the two Glorious hearts of Jesus and Mary Immaculate.

In Christ and our Good Mother

Calvin James

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