Thursday, August 14, 2008


Prayer for South Africa

Almighty, Eternal God, Who desireth the salvation of all mankind, look down in thy mercy upon the people of South Africa and bring them all to the light of the Gospel and the Unity of Faith.
Teach us to walk in the footsteps of thy Son, Jesus Christ, that we may be his worthy deciples in the love we bear one another, and in our zeal for His kingdom of Justice, of truth and of peace.

Who livest and reignest for ever and ever.

Queen, assumed into Heaven, Patroness of South Africa


Act of Consecration to Mary, the Patroness of South Africa
( to be made on August 15th or the following day)

O Immaculate Virgin, Blessed Mother of God, look down upon thy children gathered at thy feet. We know, O glorious Mother, how the sword of sorrow pierced thy heart when thy Son Jesus died on Calvary
before thine eyes.We rejoice that, for thy devoted life and sufferings bravely borne, Almighty God bestowed upon thee the reward of thy glorious Assumption.

We honour thee whom God honoured when, thine earthly sojourn ended, He raised up thy pure and spotless body, that holy temple of the word made flesh and joined itwith thy soulin everlasting bliss. O Queen, assumed into Heaven, with one voice we acclaim thee our Heavenly Patroness, and with fillial love we consecrate to thee our country and our people.

Through thy prayers, O gracious Mother, may thy Son be known and loved throughout South Africa; may His Kingdom flourish in our land, a Kingdom of justice, truth and peace.
Teach us to follow in his footsteps, firm in the faith, obedient to his law, subjecting soul and body to His holy sway. That when our mortal life is ended, we may gaze upon his facein heaven and share, as thou, O Blessed Mother, dost already, the glory of His Resurrection.


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