Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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Roma locuta est, causa finita est! , im not too sure as to the correct saying but indeed it is wonderful to see that Rome still has the final say, when it comes to the day to day ordering of Holy Mother Church.

The a copy of the above letter was recived by myself this afternoon, and is a general response by the congregation for devine worship and the dicipline of the sacraments, to the reports of one of the specific liturgical (even to go so far as to say heretical) abuses which run rampant throught all South African dioceses.

The letter is written in response to reports of laity and certain deacons within the clergy who 'administer' the 'oil of gladness' , at 'healing services'. This practice has been the cause of concern of many of the faithful and indeed has lead some to believe that such a practice is on par with or the same as, the official sacramental form of annointing, which takes place more specificaly within the context of its Sacramental form of Extreme Unction etc.

As mentioned previously, it is an example of but one of the many, many abuses which are to be found in almost every Roman Catholic Parish. Thanking God that something has been done, in so far as Rome has responded to im sure, many resports of such abuses by the faithful. However it remains to be seen how the local ordinaries will enforce this.

Nevertheless, one can still breath a sigh of relief that Rome still has the final say, all that remains is to force those who perpetrate such abuses to stop.

One things for sure, the Charismatics wont be happy!

In Christ and our Good Mother

Calvin James


Note, The above mentioned document is signed by none other than one of the leading curial members of the " Reform of the Reform", as promoted by the Soverign Pontiff himself, His Excellency Archbishop Malcom Ranjith


scripturelink said...

Well done on that-

next try get a stance on teaching communion on the hand against norms, and the holding hands in the our father setup, and the idea we mustn't impose our morals on society:)

Well done- glad you got the response you desired!

Are you a papist, interested to hear on that one- I'm not sure where I stand on that- but I do stand by Canon Law?

Anonymous said...

Good news! I am always glad to see things like this cleared up with a direct letter from the Vatican.

off-topic, by the way, but would you maybe like to link to this blog about Traditional Vocations?

Orthodox said...

Greetings Marc,

Forgive me for the late reply but yes, please if you would be so kind. I would trully appreciate this gesture.

Please do keep in contact


Anonymous said...

Uh ... not trying to be a jerk but the word is "elicit" not "illicit" (which is a synonym for "wrong).

Otherwise, thanks for the article.

alexis said...

This response was for the most part an intervention elicited by my letter to the Dicastery ... I think my position paper on the matter would be too big to leave as comment here ... how do I go about attaching the Dicastery's letter response to me??? Is there a way to email you the attachments?

The Little Poor Man said...

I have browsed a few of these blog sites just to see what is being said. I do note care too much for the comments which are anti-SSPX on the other sites. Unfortunately amongst many conservatives or fence-sitters as I call them their understanding of the SSPX and Archbishop Lefebvre's stand and how he took action within the Code of Canon Law are not understood or blantantly ignored. I have been attending SSPX Mass Centre since mid 80's, I am 100% behind the SSPX and going as far as joining the Third Order. I hear Masses are being said in the Tridentine Rite at the Cathedral of Christ the King. Good for them but I have no need to avail myself as I have all that I need 900 metres away from my residence Thank You. Their are a lot of questions to be asked regarding the Faith and just to get a Tridentine Mass is the tip of the iceberg!

The Little Poor Man said...

Noises are being voiced regarding Bishop Williamson's comments regarding the Holocaust Myth. What has happened to freedom of speech or telling the truth. The Catholic Church is meant to exist for the saving of souls, the winning of souls for Heaven. If the truth is denied how can that aim be achieved. Bravo Monsignor and God Bless