Sunday, November 30, 2008

ORATE FRATRES, TLM is back after 40 years!

Indeed Brethren, pray! After a period of nearly forty years the Tridentine Latin Mass will again be celebrated here in the archdiocese beginning tomorrow at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Feast of St. Bibiana.

The schedule for TLM masses for the first week in December is as follows:

Cathedral of Christ the King
Saratoga Ave. and End Street

Tuesday (2nd December) 17:30 (Beggining Tomorrow December 2nd)
Thursday (4th December) 17:30
Saturday (6th December) 07:30

I beg your prayers for this wonderful occasion, indeed the prayers of many will accompany Father as he pronounces for the first time within forty years ' Introibo ad altare Dei', we thank God for his great providence in answering the prayers of many of his faithful children, in restoring the Tridentine Latin Mass back to its rightful place within Holy Mother Church.

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Nicholas said...

What fantastic news!

May these Masses be the first of many and the start of a new era in your diocese.