Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little knowledge is ALWAYS dangerous

2009 so far has indeed proved to be, at least so far, better than last year. And so without any further hesitation, I dare to write yet another blog entry for Summourum Pontificum. I could of entitled it something vastly different and very, very base..something to the tune of " what they know about such and such my backside(using a better term) knows about snipe shooting".

In the space of the past few months I've felt it extremely necessary - at least for myself- to do as much research as possible concerning the various topics that concern the current 'status quo'of things in the church both post-conciliar and pre-conciliar. I personally feel this to be necessary, in terms that at least, for my own conscience sake, I will be better equipped to write or at least attempt to, about the Church in our modern era.

It has interested me to see many lay people take interest in the cause of the reestablishment of the faith. It has also been quite disheartening to see the amount of infighting that takes place among these same people all working, or at least supposedly for the same purpose. Some pride themselves to be the ultimate authority when it comes to certain things, for one particular example of having a group of laymen teach a priest how to say the traditional Tridentine Mass!

All such things in account, I still firmly belive that all that takes place happens in accordance to divine providence. There is a reason why, for the first time in nearly fourty years, that the Tridentine Mass has made its 'official' reappearance in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg. Perhaps it would stand to prove that the Priests of the Society of St.Pius X weren't so wrong after all? Understandably, the society is a human institution which like all of us has failed at certain times. However, everything in account, I stand firm in the essential stance taken by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in his defence of our Holy Faith against the many errors which have brought our once glorious and triumphant faith to her knees.

I hope to post again soon, I am dearly thankful for the encouragement given to me by one of SPJ'S readers.

I remain your unworthy brother in Christ and our Good Mother


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