Monday, January 26, 2009

When Converts Speak

Article taken from DICI,

" Magdi Allam was a Muslim. He converted to Catholicism. He was baptized by Benedict XVI on Easter 2008, and took the Christian name of Christian. Today, he is telling the pope about his anxiety to see the Church “making herself an accomplice in the edification of a worldwide pantheon of religions,” and he asks: “After that, how can we be surprised by the fact that Christianity is placed on an equal footing with myriads of other beliefs and ideologies which give the most disparate answers to spiritual needs, and ceases to fascinate, persuade, and conquer the minds and hearts of these very Christians who increasingly leave their churches, flee from the priestly vocation, and more generally exclude any religious dimension from their lives?”
Before him, other converts coming from Protestantism like Fr. Montgomery Wright, parish priest of Chamblac (France), or the Academician Julian Green expressed the same anguish. The former told his bishop that he could not celebrate the Mass of Paul VI, because he knew where he came from and did not want to return there. The latter confided to Archbishop Lefebvre, when presenting him with the narration of his conversion Ce qu’il faut d’amour à l’homme (How much love man needs), that he did not think he would be able to convert now… to the conciliar Church.

Fr. Alain Lorans "

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